Android Apps Development Training in Mohali

Android Training in Mohali | Chandigarh

Android is most popular mobile operating system nowadays all around the world. The mobile industry growing rapidly day by day due to this android application developers demand increasing in IT Companies. Demand for android developers is at high rate so that it's a great opportunity for you to start your career as a android developer.

We, at Erginous Technologies offers the Android application development training in Mohali Chandigarh. Training duration period for Android Industrial training is 6 weeks industrial training, 3 Months Android training and six months Android apps development industrial training.

Our industrial training module as per current IT industry requirements, that will build your knowledge and skills to enter in IT industry as per professional android developer.

Career Opportunities / Work on Live Projects

  • Intro to Java
  • Brushing up Core Java concepts
  • Setting up Android Development
  • Building Blocks for application design
    • Laying out controls in containers
    • Utilizing resources and media
  • Building menus and storing data
  • View/Building Interfaces
  • Inter-Process Communications
  • Working on different activities in single app
  • Working of bundles
  • Working with Shared Preferences
  • Making a small project/App
  • Database
    • SQLite Database
    • Wamp server
    • xampp server
    • Online web hosting
  • Google API's
  • Advanced programming : internet, entertainment, and services
    • Implementing drawing and animations
    • Implementing gestures
    • Working on Google maps
    • Web views/pages
    • GCM(Google cloud messaging)
  • Android Application Development Launch
  • How to create account on play store
  • Launching app on play store
  • Creating and consuming Services
  • Publishing application online

Career opportunities after Android Internship Program.

Erginous is offering an opportunity to students who have enrolled in the Android Internship Program with us to work on live project in our engineering department wing and get live experience of projects. Internship Program in experience certificate will be issue to all attendees.