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Android Everywhere- It’s a wrap!

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we create and consume data. It includes apps for everything such as learning to learn recipes and programming to play games, also, as the number of smartphone users is growing as their first computing device and as a gateway to health services and bank services. Applications were not otherwise available to them.

Why you should learn Android?

Android devices are becoming more powerful and affordable, thus increasing the already significant market share. And in need of capable app developers, there are no signs of decline. So if you are looking for professional objectives to take on this skill set, this is a great time to do so.

Scope of Android App Development in today’s world:

In recent years, the production of mobile apps has seen some major innovations and improvements and that is why companies around the world are using it to such an extent. Mobile apps were at the forefront of all aspects of the modern industry, from coordination of technological development to the organization of marketing strategies. It also provided companies with a wider scope to highlight their talent and almost eradicated distance barriers.

App Development is a leading IT profession in mobile development right now. The market is even hotter for Android developers. Employers hire Android developers much more quickly than any other mobile technology professionals. Organizations can provide skilled professionals with a huge salary package.

Finally, developers of Android are no longer just Android developers. ‘Under many different organizational designations, they carry out a wide range of tasks.

Where we can start our career as an Android App Developer?

You need to choose a reputable company for training in this course to start your career as an android developer. If you live near Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula in North India, then Erginous Technologies is a good choice for in-house placement training in the Android app development field. Erginous Technologies is a leading US-based IT company that also provides Android app development course real-time training for students.

Android App Development Course

  •   Intro to Java
  •   Brushing up Core Java Concepts
  •   Setting up Android Development
  • Building Blocks for android application design
      1.   Laying out controls in containers
      2.   Utilizing resources and media
  •   Building menus and storing data
  •   View/Building Interfaces
  •   Inter-Process Communications
  •   Working on different activities in a single app
  •   Working of bundles
  •   Working of Shared Preferences
  •   Making a small project/App
  •   Database
      1.   SQLite Database
      2.   Wamp server
      3.   Xampp server
      4.   Online web hosting
  •   Google API’s
  •   Advanced android programming: internet, entertainment, and services
      1.   Implementing drawing and animations
      2.   Implementing gestures
      3.   Working on Google maps
      4.   Web views/pages
      5.   GCM(Google cloud messaging)
  •   Android Application Development Launch
  •   How to create an account on the play store
  •   Launching the app on play store
  •   Creating and consuming Services
  •   Publishing Android Applications


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