Best Programming Language to learn in 2021 for good career future in Software Development
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Best Programming Language to learn in 2021 for good career future in Software Development

The 2020 year gives a good boost in the digital industry and increases the demand for software developers in the IT industry. Every language has its benefits and its uses. But some languages are widely using by developers all around the world. While you learn a new language, it’s a plus point for every developer who wants to grow their career.

Here are, we discuss some of the top-most programming languages. They are widely used by developers worldwide and help to boost your careers & make a secure future in 2021.


Php is one of the programming languages that can be widely used by developers all around the world. Php is one of the languages used by more than 70% of the time for website development. Php has many frameworks like Laravel, Coginator, and many more. PHP Laravel framework is using by many companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, and many more.


Python is also the fastest-growing programming language. It is an open-source programming language. Python programming language used in web development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Python programming language gets more popular. It’s used for machine learning and also for AI. Many leading companies use python to code like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.


Kotlin is a cross-platform, general-purpose, free programming language. Kotlin is a more concise java language. Google’s many applications developed on Kotlin. The Kotlin programming language using for server-side development, Web development, and Android Development.

Foursquare, Trello, Uber, Netflix, Capital One, and many more leading companies using Kotlin programming language code.


Java is everywhere. Java is a fast, secure, and reliable programming language. It’s widely using by developers worldwide to develop applications, like Web, Mobile applications, desktop applications, banking applications, and many more Industries. Airbnb, Google, IBM, Infosys, and several other companies use Java Language.


Swift Programming Language is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world. Swift Programming language, a free & open-source developed by Apple. If you want to make your career as an iOS app developer, then you must learn the Swift programming language and boost your career.


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