React Native 6 months Industrial training in Mohali - Cross Platform VS Native Apps
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Why to opt for cross-platform application development framework rather than Native platform frameworks?

Native applications for iOS or Android are developed by using the platform which has its specific programming language that is different for iOS and Android operating system. For instance, for iOS operating system, Objective-C and Swift languages are used and for Android operating system Java and Kotlin are most widely used.

Android and iOS are most commonly used operating systems for smartphone, which possessed the market share of 85.1% and 14.8% respectively in 2017, the findings were published by Statista, which is the provider of consumer data and market data as well.

The entanglement of developing mobile apps was intensified by the difficulty of building a back-end which can operate across platforms. It is easier to build native applications, but time consumption and cost are the major drawbacks. Also, the code built for one operating system cannot be used for another operating system.

With the introduction of cross-platform application development frameworks, two birds can be killed with one single stone. As the name suggests, cross-platform provides development of application that can run on different types of operating systems. After the programming part of the application is completed, it can be installed on different devices and platforms without worrying of performance issue, and also saving time and money. Frameworks for cross-application development include React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Phonegap and so on.


Affordability and Time-saver

Programmers utilize a single code built on different platforms which is also known as “write once, run anywhere” approach which reduces cost and make it affordable. Also, it condense the development time.


Effective and Efficient Deployment

Unlike Native apps, programmers working on cross-platform application development do not demand acquiring different technologies for iOS and Android, they just need to master few and voila. The initial deployment is faster because of single code base created. Moreover, changes to the application can be done concomitantly in the future on the single platform.



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