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Why to undergo industrial training in Company instead of institute?

Why industrial training plays an important role for students?

Industrial training is highly recommended for all students to pursue their career after academic curriculum during their summer breaks or semester break. It is considered as best opportunity for students to hone their skill as per demands of IT industry and knowledge in various fields. ┬áIt allows students to put the technical knowledge and procedures to real – time situations that they have learned in colleges. During training, all aspirants can sharpen their skills and have a full fledge understanding of projects in real time. They will come to know about ways to overcome hurdles in a work environment, elevate the skills and knowledge in the respective domain. Thus they become proficient in their desired technical skills in corporate culture.

IT field is continuously evolving very fast as compared to another field. Industrial training is mandatory to every students whether they join IT organization or undergo training in an institute. Students undergoing industrial training can survive and build confidence to face the obstacles and thus stay ahead in the competitive world.

Is industrial training in company makes any difference than in training institute

In training institute, students attend regular classes in the classroom environment. They got emphasize on learning based on theoretical concepts instead of practical knowledge and provided exposure to already built projects by experts. In training institute, students invest lots of time and pay fees for training courses, but still, they face lots of hurdles when they go for an interview in renowned IT companies due to lack of practical knowledge, thus not able to get the desired job as per their skills and capabilities.

A company is one stop IT hub for students with diverse backgrounds to aid in comprehending the real-time implications of various concepts and technologies and get new perspectives and insights. Students also get course material with practical knowledge and chance to work on real time projects using latest techniques with advanced tools under a guidance of highly experienced professionals. They got awarded with professional training certificate that proves to be beneficial during their interviews and thus opens door to endless job opportunities in renowned organizations globally. Talented students also get a chance for job opportunities in same organization where they are undergoing industrial training and thus help them to convert their dream into reality.

Erginous is a renowned Software and Cloud based services based organization recognized as one of top notch industrial training company that provides 6 weeks/6 months industrial training in various programming languages such as PHP, CMS frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, ASP.NET, iOS, Android along with web/graphic designing, QA (Manual and Automatic) etc. with latest tools and techniques and help them to build a successful career in the field of IT industry. We provide a session to do counseling to recognize skills and area of interest and help students to choose the course as per their desired capabilities.

We organize industrial training workshops that are practically oriented by the highly skilled professional team to make theoretical concepts learned by students during academic phase more interactive and understandable.

Along with industrial training, we also provide special session where we boost the confidence and guide students related to career opportunities. We give personalized attention to groom them to sharpen their personal skills along with professional development and thus help them to stay ahead in the competitive world. Thus we help them to achieve their career goal they have dreamed of. Our industrial training is blended with practical knowledge that helps students to strengthen their logical and analytical skills. We boost confidence of every students and motivate them to deal with challenges and thus compete in the competitive work environment.

Want to realize your potential in challenging IT world, Join Erginous to explore yourself and to pursue the successful career.


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