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The concept of the MEAN stack is to apply the set of technologies focused on JavaScript used to build web applications. MEAN MongoDB is an abbreviation for ExpressJS and AngularJS. MEAN is full-stack JavaScript.

Why study full-stack development?

Without JavaScript, you can hardly attain much on the web. Everything on MEAN programming is write down in JavaScript. It enables a specific server-and client-side execution environment.

The demand for MEAN stack development has expanded due to its flexibility to create a scalable, fast, and maintainable web and mobile app.

Main components of MEAN stack


MongoDB is the first part of the Mean stack structure and is popularly known as the NoSQL database, which makes the company more versatile. When it comes to managing loads of huge tables containing data, MongoDB is a good option for developers.


Express, which is influenced by the popular Ruby application, is a flexible and scalable Node.js framework that creates web applications and provides a range of features for building single or multi-page web applications.


Developed by a colossal company like Google, Angular is a JavaScript front-end application for developing a single-page framework that comes with convenient features such as adding two-way data. Angular provides you with the ultimate solution for creating fast and stunning front-end apps.


The last part of the MEAN stack is Node.js, a JavaScript execution runtime environment and performs beyond an existing web server. Node.js based on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime, which helps to create highly advanced and contemporary web applications at high speed.

Node.js runs on multi-platform systems such as Windows, Linux, and OS X. However, Node.js provides a Server-side approach that allows you to deploy JavaScript on both the client and server-side.

Advantages of MEAN Stack

Easy to move between client and server

Allows popular language you can easily switch between client-side and server-side. You don’t need any more Third-party servers like Apache. Alternatively, Node.js helps the developer to use the server code. That’s why most people often mention it MEAN stack also being simple and easy to use.

It is enough-versatile, too!

MEAN helps you do more, serve as a platform to build web applications. For example, with MEAN, you can host applications on the cloud. If you want to evaluate a web application after development. Also, MongoDB, a database system used in MEAN, is a C-based system.

The easiest way to develop MVP

MVP is a scalable product. In most cases, it involves a product (in the case of a web application) with its initial characteristics. These are the most important features that consumers are looking for these days. The MEAN stack development company will guarantee that you will reach the MVP in the least amount of time.

A continuously growing online community

Mean is a highly prestigious platform that has proved to be a good work for many programmers across the country. A lot of passionate developers working with MEAN have led to a large and profitable online community. Google needs a query to understand how detailed the options are and how expert they are.

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