Ionic Development Industrial Training Mohali

Ionic Development Industrial Training in Mohali | Chandigarh

Ionic is open-source SDK to develop hybrid mobile apps. Ionic framework allow developers to build highly interactive native and progressive apps.

Erginous brings you Ionic training in Mohali, here you start to learn Ionic mobile apps development from scratch. Erginous training module helps you learn Ionic services and fundamentals to develop highly interactive mobile apps.

Students who want to start their career in mobile apps development then it’s must-do course for you. Erginous developers are highly skilled and have rich experience in web and mobile apps development and our industrial training module cover both basic and advanced concept that required to build hybrid mobile apps.

Career Opportunities / Work on Live Projects

  • Introduction to HTML5 & CSS3
  • Condition Checking (if, else if etc.)
  • Loop Control (while, for, for each etc.)


  • Platforms, Frameworks & Tools
  • Hybrid frameworks, web tech, web APIs (backend)
  • The stack – HTML5/CSS3/AngularJS/Cordova
  • Ionic – AngularJS and native-like.
  • Cordova

The Basics

  • Diving deeper – HTML5/CSS3/JS
  • JS Basics
  • JS Frameworks
  • AngularJS Intro
  • Ionic Framework, Why Ionic?
  • Ionic 1 / 2
  • NodeJS / NPM

Angular JS

  • Data Binding & Filters
  • Module, Controller & Views
  • Directives
  • Services
  • Routing
  • Angular JS 2 changes
  • Typescript
  • Working with Angular code

Ionic – Getting Started

  • Installing the tools
  • Installing required npm packages
  • Understanding the Ionic CLI
  • Platform and SDK – Android / iOS
  • Starting a fresh project
  • Running the project
  • Viewing App with Browser
  • Viewing on Android Emulator
  • Viewing on iPhone Emulator

Ionic – ToDo App

  • Project Structure
  • Application Logic
  • Screen Templates
  • Ionic Components
  • Navigation Stack
  • Summary

Advanced Topics – Employee Directory Enterprise App

  • Application structure and screens
  • Integrating the screens
  • Ionic components
  • Component customization
  • Working with Web APIs

Integrating Device Features – Go Places App

  • Cordova CLI
  • ngCordova / Ionic native
  • Device console
  • Adding Camera plugin
  • Image capture and upload
  • Geolocation
  • Putting the Go Places App together
  • Configuring config.xml, icons, artwork
  • Customizing Ionic
  • Wrapping up