iOS/iPhone Apps Development Training Mohali

 iOS Industrial Training in Mohali | Chandigarh

iOS is mobile operating system used in devices like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Its a second most popular operating system. iOS operating system developed by Apple Inc, and originally released on 2007.

iOS App development Industrial Training : - Erginous Technologies iOS app development training course is well structured as per industry standard for app developers who want to make career in iOS application development and design and develop iOS Apps. Erginous providing real time training module for you in iOS training in Mohali Chandigarh. Starting from basic to advanced level that is eligible you to get best career opportunities in IT industry.

Start your iOS development journey with Erginous Technologies and make your career bright as iPhone/iOS application developer.

iOS Releases

  • Introduction to iOS
  • Versions of iOS and Supported Devices
  • Apple Approval Process

Xcode IDE Installation and Use

  • Installing and Updating Xcode
  • Code Development and Tracking
  • Debugging Utilities
  • Application Navigation Tools

MVC Architecture

  • Model-View-Controller Development Paradigm
  • Application Design Process


  • Fundamental Syntax
  • Object Oriented Programming Support
  • Using ARC
  • Writing Code for Hardware Interaction

Views and View Controllers

  • Using Generic Views and View Controllers
  • Using Specific Purpose Views
    • Text View
    • Web View
    • Map View
    • Table and Table Cell View

Data Persistence

  • NSUserDefaults For Local Storage
  • SQLight Support
  • CoreData Usage

Internal Hardware System Support Data Persistence

  • Using Device Cameras for Photos
  • Using Device Microphone for Sound Files
  • Playback of Sound Files and System Sounds
  • Recognizing Accelerometer Motion
  • Detect Multi-Touch Gestures

System Event Handling

  • Recognizing Apps Moving to Background
  • Detecting and Solving Low Memory Events
  • Handling Custom Events and Exceptions

Web Service Support

  • Creating an App that Uses a Web Service
  • Using Third-Party Systems

Multi-Platform Development

  • Creating Apps that Work on iPhone and iPad
  • Creating User Interfaces for Multiple Screen Resolutions
  • Detecting and Using Hardware at Runtime

Career Opportunities / Work on Live Projects

Career Opportunities after iOS Industrial Training Program.

Erginous is offering an opportunity to students who have enrolled in the iOS Training Program with us to work on live projects in our engineering department wing and get live experience of projects. Industrial training program in experience certificate will be issue to all attendees.