React Native Development Training in Mohali, Chandigarh

React Native Development Industrial Training in Mohali | Chandigarh

Learn to develop native Android and ios Apps using React native with Industry experts.

React Native is a platform to build cross-platform applications. Nowday’s React-native library is growing quickly to build mobile apps.

Erginous being the top notch mobile apps development company in Mohali providing React Native industrial training for students who want to pursue their career as a React Native App Developer.


  • Installing React Native
  • iOS setup
  • Android setup – Android Studio
  • Run an example project in iOS and Android

React Native Components

  • Establishing a layout with View
  • Displaying text with Text
  • Adding images with Image
  • Accepting user input with Text Input
  • Making components interactive
  • Displaying data with ListView
  • Changing screens with Navigator
  • Expanding touch capability with Gesture Responder and PanResponder


  • Issues with CSS
  • Inline Styles
  • Create Immutable style objects
  • Pass styles as props
  • Positioning components with flexbox

APIs Integrations

  • Using fetch to retrieve data
  • Handling permissions
  • Accessing stored photos with CameraRoll
  • Adding animations


  • Deploying to Android Play Store
  • Deploying to Apple App Store

Authentication Credentials

  • Logging a User In
  • Error Handling
  • More on Authentication Flow
  • Creating an Activity Spinner
  • Conditional Rendering of JSX
  • Clearing the Form Spinner
  • Handling Authentication Events
  • More on Conditional Rendering
  • Logging a User Out